re-elect kevin biederman

For City of Hollywood Commissioner, District 5

Meet Kevin Biederman

Kevin is extremely in touch and knowledgeable about the City of Hollywood. He has most of the answers to our residents’ questions on the spot and if he doesn’t, he gets answers almost immediately. Whenever our residents and neighbors need something; he’s a good advocate and steward of our community and the City as a whole.

Kevin researches, reads, studies, reviews numbers, consults experts and the community, gathers feedback to make the best-informed decisions possible for the benefit of the community. He is relatively a Jack of all Trades and works on finding solutions to complex issues.

Code Enforcement Academy

Code Enforcement Academy

Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Ambassador

Here are 10 reasons you should vote for

 1) He introduces viable solutions to issues and has the respect of the Mayor/City Commission/Staff as well as the ability to persuade them to support projects to benefit our district as well as support projects in other’s districts.

2) He reads and researches every item, asks proper questions and completely understands the information regarding the item.

3) He is a leader and not afraid to do something unpopular for fear of losing some sort of perceived power.

 4) He is ethical and scrupulous. He doesn’t lie, no matter how convenient it may seem at times.

5) He is accessible to the residents! He answers calls, emails and inbox messages within a reasonable time frame. He visits with residents as often as possible. He doesn’t think he is too important because of some title. He doesn’t ignore the residents who he swore to serve whether they agree with him on an issue or not.

6) Has the track record of relaying the correct information to the residents. Misinformation runs rampant, so we need and deserve someone who “gets it” and can properly articulate it, rather than to turn facts around to support an opinion.

7) He weighs long-term goals with short-term gratification and does not become distracted by those who oppose them due to special interests.

8) He attends meetings and events- even the non-required ones so he has alternate opinions to consider to better gauge the reasonableness and overall benefits of any proposal. And he supports the community as a whole!

9) He faces his residents when they are unhappy with him about a decision rather than to hide. When you run for office and serve the people- your feelings are basically insignificant because we vote for a leader, not a whiner.

10) He votes in the best interest of our residents. He has established ordinances to protect the resident’s rights, property, health, safety, etc.

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These are some reasons why our residents, neighbors and friends support Kevin Biederman’s re-election campaign: