Change Starts Here.

Kevin understands and appreciates the selfless giving of one’s time, contributions and/or resources in an effort to benefit our neighborhoods as a whole.

It takes funding to operate a successful campaign and there is no minimum contribution and every contribution is greatly appreciated. The only catch is that the contribution must be from an individual and the maximum contribution is $500.00. Cash contributions may be accepted, but they are limited to $50.00.

Volunteering on a campaign can take as little or as much time as you are able/willing to give. Many residents have asked what they can do to help, as they have faith in Kevin as a dedicated public servant who works tirelessly for our City.

We hope you believe in Kevin, his representation of our neighbors and the work he has done for the City of Hollywood, as a whole to give of your time, contributions and/or resources to help him to continue to serve our City.

Please let us know what you will do to help:

  • Contribute to Kevin’s campaign
  • Media Outreach- social, letters to the editor, comments on news sources, etc.
  • Host an Event (Breakfast, Brunch or BBQ)
  • Introduce Kevin to my neighbors
  • Putting Kevin’s Sign in my Yard
  • Make phone calls for Kevin and obtain emails and if they are on social media
  • Reach out to schools for student volunteers (Colleges and High Schools are great) Volunteering on a campaign qualifies for community service hours for high school credit.
  • Research and operate VAN system- create excel sheets (super voters, walking papers, phone banking, etc.)
  • Represent Kevin- Attend events, shop, etc. with Kevin’s shirt on
  • Door to door campaigning (many needed for this)
Donate to Campaign